BMG Medical Consultants, LLC was formed to create a strategic partnership with the medical community in order to align resources for maximum profitability. One of the major tools for positive growth comes by way of extensive networking, utilizing assets within the medical community itself. An integral part of that plan is to build positive relationships and educate clients to the potential resources found in that very same community. This strategy enhances their ability to increase customer base and allow for more effective and efficient customer services.

As a growth partner, BMG Medical Consultants, LLC, will provide clients with diverse research and development resources to increase profitability and market share.
What Our Clients Say...
"I have known Barry for approximately 10 years, I find him to be very honest and open person. He is always straight forward in his speech and actions. He calls it the way he sees it."
Our committment is to increase technology
and continue development of additional medical services:

1. BMG Medical Consultants, LLC will continue to stay educated on the latest technological advances in medical equipment and practices.
2. Continuing education will be provided to staff at all current facilities on a monthly basis.
3. BMG Medical Consultants, LLC will sponsor clinic events for further education.
4. BMG Medical Consultants, LLC will host networking events to educate clients on additional resources.
Our Founder

Barry M. Goddard founded BMG Medical Consultants, LLC. With an extensive background in both the medical and marketing fields, Barry created BMG to share his knowledge of marketing and networking. Barry has helped to educate the medical community helping them to increase their success, utilizing profitable business skills.

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